Logo design work and writing contributions for Logo Nest 02

Logo design work and writing contributions for Logo Nest 02

I am very proud to announce that both my logo design work and writing contributions will be appearing in the upcoming Logo Nest 02. There will be 12 of my latest logo designs included in this, now second volume of the book known as the ‘design book for logo designers, by logo designers’.

As the inaugural book, Logo Nest 01 was being conceptualized, I was flattered to be asked to contribute my writing and experience to the effort. Well, I guess they liked the article enough to ask me to write some more. Who knew?

Here is an excerpt from my new article for Logo Nest 02, entitled Longevity in the Logo Business,

When I think of long-term successes in logo design, names like Milton Glaser, Paula Scher, Saul Bass and Ivan Chermayeff come to mind. Of course, these people are the extreme – the pinnacle of design success.

Now, not all of us are poised to appear among the same levels of respect and admiration that they are, but it would be nice to work out a quaint, comfortable living doing something you love to do, wouldn’t it?

When I started out in design school, the orientation committee shared a statistic with us that has stuck with me to this day: Look to your right and your left. Chances are by graduation, both of those people will have dropped out of the program. Do the math and that’s roughly a 66% drop out rate.

Wow, I thought. That’s not going to be me. This is what I really want to do with my life. I never imagined that after going through all those hours of toil, late night study and work that anyone would dream of giving up. But, they sometimes do. Design is not for everyone.


Here is the collection of my work that will be included. Be sure and reserve your copy now.