Working with the new Facebook Timeline page format.

Working with the new Facebook Timeline page format.

Like anyone who uses Facebook on a regular basis, we’ve all come to experience the new Timeline format of profile pages for individuals. Slowly, Facebook has rolled out the format for users to test and like anything new, there are some that still prefer the ‘older’ page design. Well, to be honest, those same people likely griped about the last format change.

Now, after trying out Timeline myself, I have come to embrace it. And, as a designer, I can seen some really fun and interesting ways that I can utilize the format to benefit my business page, as well as my clients who use Facebook for social media promotion. And, like it or not, all pages are converting over as of March 30th, 2012.

In the previous format, many business pages (including myself) used an iFrame or then, FBML welcome page to help introduce my business and create incentives for new users to ‘Like’ the page. This would hopefully get users to become a regular follower of your page for news, updates and whatever events you might want to promote. With Timeline, the intro page has gone away – at least for now.

The biggest change is the Cover Photo that graces the top of the page. Seems like an easy and simple way to promote your wares or slap stuff up there like the Welcome pages of before, right? Not quite. As they have stated, Facebook doesn’t allow overt promotional text or images to appear in the Cover Photo area to help encourage a more social environment for users. So, like anything a designer does, we need to creatively work with the format to solve that problem. So, here’s how I designed my page.

If you’ll notice, I worked around the avatar area to integrate my branding color and blended the design into the Cover Photo area. I had to adjust my avatar design to accommodate this, and I think it works pretty well. To keep things easy to update and stay fresh, I left the right side of my design open and white so I can change out the artwork periodically. This still brands my page, but allows me to showcase new work as it becomes available.

Also, you can import various photos into your Photo album to add some interest into the first box below the Cover. And, there are other assorted ways you can work with the FB format to customize your page.

So, what do you think? Do you like what you see? I can work with your Facebook page, too and help give it that little (or big) something special. Feel free to contact me.

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